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Welcome to EcoTiki!

At EcoTikki we believe saving our planet doesn´t mean compromising on style. Our mission is to offer ecological friendly products that are easy to use, look good and have minimum impact on the environment. It’s essential to consider every product we buy and use in a world where green issues are so important.

All our products are stylish and combine ethical choices with everyday life. Each product is carefully selected to bring you an elegant and natural substitute to suit your lifestyle.

All our products are sourced from suppliers who have the same values as us – to minimise waste and plastic and produce smart, environmentally-friendly products.

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About EcoTikki

EcoTikki was born through our passion and desire to protect the environment and encourage others to do so too. We truly believe eco-friendly products can be stylish and sophisticated, which is why we’ve sourced the EcoTikki environmentally-friendly range.

We are excited and passionate about our range of eco-friendly products. We believe you can be eco-friendly and still portray a sense of style. Our search for highly sustainable products continues and as we find those that are unusual, special and beautiful we’ll offer them to you through EcoTikki.

The EcoTikki philosophy

At EcoTikki we are dedicated to making the environment sustainable for our future generations. Each sustainable product we use today will make a difference tomorrow.

Everyone can play a part in protecting our environment. From using less plastic to recycling to only buying natural products. Our mission is to help this happen in combination with bringing you a fun eco-friendly shopping experience. We use hundreds of different products in our daily lives. From the brush we clean our teeth with each morning, to the travel mug we carry on the way to work, to the bags we take to the supermarket.

Plastic is one of the main contributors to the destruction of our planet as it takes hundreds of years to decompose. And so many of the products we use are plastic.

How many of the products you use each day could be substituted with an eco-friendly alternative?

Becoming more environmentally friendly does need to take time or compromise on style. It just needs a little careful thought as to how we can change things.

Together we can reduce the amount of plastics in the world and still use amazing sustainable products. Every eco-friendly product you purchase will make a difference. Our objective is to bring you products that both look good and offer an eco-friendly alternative solution to the many plastic and non-recyclable products we use every day.

EcoTikki supports various charities which have the objective of making the world a better place.

Currently, EcoTikki does this by:

  • Supporting the 1% for the Planet network. From every EcoTikki sale, 1% of the profit is donated to charities that protect the environment.
  • Giving support to UNICEF, the international children’s charity which works to reduce poverty for children all around the world.

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